The University-Karate-Dojo e.V. is an independant, registered, non-profit club within the KIT Sports Body. We train in the Sport Institut of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Campus South).

Training times und places can be found here.

New Members:

All Students and Employees of the KIT are eligible to train, aslong as they have Registered themselves with the Sports Body, and paid the corresponding fee at the beginning of the semester.

Registration can be done on the Sports Body website.

After that, it is a simple case of downloading the application from (PDF), printing it, filling it out, and handing it in in training.

The clubs Statute can be read (in German)here (PDF).

Please contact our Treasuruer for information regarding the yearly subscription fees.

Bank Details:
Can be requested from our Treasurer


Lars Thielemann
1st Executive Officer
Represents the clubs external relations
Desmond Kelly
2nd Executive Officer
Manages club membership
Fatma Chebbi
Club Manager
Also responsible for club festivities
Dieter Rössler
Sport Director
Ute Badde

Advisory Members of the Committee:

Due to their many years of experience, Eugen Müller and Brigitte Constantin have stayed as Advisory Members to the Committee.

Eugen Müller
Former Sport Director
Brigitte Constantin
Former 1st Executive Officer